Xtrime Nicotine Pouches On X Series

Xtrime X series is the new manufacturing after Xtrime Normal. Xtrime X series have come on Ultra dose of Nicotine strength. It is different for Super Strong of Nicotine Kicks and Long lasting Flavor and Nicotine Kick sensations that is around 1 hour. Here we will describe Xtrime Nicotine Pouches On X series.



X Xtrime Nicotine Pouches are also called Black series because they come in Black Packaging.

Portions And Weighting:

Xtrime Nicotine Pouches On X series have a weight of .8 gram. Inside the can there are 20 pouches so the total weight of the pouches are 16 grams.

Other Packages of Xtrime X series have a portion size .67 grams. Pouches in a can of 15 pcs. Total weight of pouches 10.05 grams.

Nicotine Strength of X Xtrime:

X Xtrime series have a super dose of Nicotine Strength at 30 milligram per gram. That is not suitable for beginners any more. Each pouch has a Nicotine Strength at 24 milligram.

Ingredients Of X Xtrime Nicotine Pouches:

X Xtrime Nicotine Pouches are constituent by the following ingredients as-

E460 cellulose, E501 PH-adjustment, E1520 humectant, Nicotine, Aroma, Water, Preservative.


X Xtrime has come in the following flavorings range as Berry, Mint, Lime.